Why I have love having a dog in my life

I feel reflective today. There are so many more but these reasons are at the top of my gratitude list for having the privilege of having Zac in my life. I’m sure everyone who reads this can keep adding more when they think about their dog.

  • The enthusiastic and unrelentingly happy greeting when I return, world-weary, from a day’s work. He’s my ‘welcome home’ every day.
  • Gets me up and out the door on time in the mornings as I could never forgive myself if I left for the day without having at least 20 minutes of fun activity with him.
  • He’s my meditation. No matter how tired or stressed I am, playing or patting him and experiencing his delight from my mere presence makes all my problems fade away.
  • Finding new places to explore on walks so that going out together is never boring.
  • I’ve met and spoken to people who previously just would have been random strangers who walked on by. They stop to pat him, we get talking and I get to connect with my community.
  • Watching his enjoyment and delight in the most simple of things – a ball, a stick, a bone – makes me happy.
  • He helps me advocate for rescuing dogs as he’s such a happy and friendly character. Every dog should get a second chance.
  • He makes me laugh at least once a day. Not many people do that for me.
  • He’s undemanding of his humans but gives so much in return.

I am grateful every day for his companionship and for giving me riches that cannot be brought.

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