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Pedadoggy's doggy and training inspiration.

Zac – Pedadoggy’s doggy and training inspiration.

Dogs, life and learning. They’re all intrinsically intertwined if you enjoy the companionship of dogs and having them as another member of your family.

The definition of ‘pedagogy’ is the art or profession of teaching. Pedadoggy reflects on the process of learning for both humans and their dogs. Whether it’s the revelation of a new skill, insight into what drives us or simply doing what we enjoy doing best, even just a small amount of time with a dog and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Modern dog training is based on well-established learning principles that have been chartered by scientists and psychologists over many years. While some dog trainers still advocate punishment in various forms to change behavior, it simply is more fun and builds a better relationship if you focus on reward through a positive approach.

And in the process you may learn something about yourself too. So welcome to Pedadoggy – where the dog is both the student and the teacher.